Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letter from Coach D. Summer Opportunities

Dear Parents and Coaches,

Hope your summer is going well.  As you know basketball season just doesn't stop at the end of the season, its a constant development of sorts and an opportunity to play with friends and family all over town, in particular, your drive way, Miller Park and/or Colter elementary.  We at JHYBB want to encourage your child to continue to play, but to practice in a way that will continue development in a positive way and not to revert to old/bad habitats.  Though it varies from person to person, it takes 21-28 days to break a bad habit and 66 days to develop a good one, lets encourage proper practice techniques.

It is my goal this summer to provide a place for your kids to develop those techniques and drills which they can use in the drive way or at the local parks around the area.  Therefore I have committed to a summer long program(called clinics) and not your typical 3 day camp style program.  I feel the consistent guidance in their basketball development from weekly goal setting and consistent coaches encouragement will be the driving factor which can motivate them to go out and practice on their own in the right manner.  In addition I want to keep this at a low cost so each family doesn't stress the expense of $100.00 until end of July, If the cost is an issue please contact me and we will discuss options.

Tuesday and Thursdays at Colter Elementary 630-8pm  until end of July.  Please be prompt and encourage your child to attend.

Private clinics- by request only call 307-690-3118 to discuss

Other potential programs-:  -August to September semi-private clinics

                         - July 12th Friday 3 on 3 Pinedale - please call for more information 307-690-3118

Thank you for all your support and encouragement.  - Coach Dmitriy

Best regards,

Dmitriy Grimberg
Jackson Hole Youth Basketball

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