Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rules for Western Wyoming Shootout 2014 in Jackson Hole Wyoming

1.     Each home team on the schedule must supply a bookkeeper or pay $20 per game.

2.     Games will consist of two 16-minute halves with a running clock.  The clock will stop for free throws and timeouts only.

3.     If the score is within 10 points, the clock will stop during the last two minutes of the game on all whistles.

4.     Overtime period will be two minutes sing a stopped clock.  Teams will be granted one timeout.  If the game is still tied at the end of the first overtime period, the second overtime period will be sudden death (1st team to score wins).  No timeouts in sudden death.  Both overtime periods will begin with a jump ball.

5.     Teams will be granted two full second timeouts per half.  No carry over.

6.     Game time is forfeit time.  Teams will be permitted to start and play with four players.

7.     Halftime will be three minutes, if time allows.

8.     The three point shot will be used for all grade levels.

9.     An intermediate ball will be used for grades 4th-7th.  8th grade will use a men’s ball.

10.  Players are allowed five personal fouls.  Bonus free throws will be awarded on 7th team foul in each half, with two shot bonus being awarded on the 10th team foul.

11.  Any player or coach ejected from any game will be ejected for the remainder of the tournament.  Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a Wyoming Athletic Association yellow card and removal from premises, if person does not abide by card rules.

12.  Full court press and zone defense will be allowed in boys 6th-8th grade divisions.  No pressing when team has a lead of 10 or more points.

13.  Substitutions are permitted on dead ball situations only.

14.  All teams must have matching uniform shirts with visible numbers on the back.  Numbers are recommended on the front.

15.  Players must participate in their own grade classification.  Please have proof of player’s age available for the duration of the tournament (i.e., school ID, birth certificate, etc.).  EXCEPTION:  Players in lower grade levels may participate in a higher-grade level.  Players may play on more than one team, their own division and one division up.  Players may NOT play down a division.  Players must be entered on both entry forms.

16.  Pick-up players will not be allowed after rosters have been submitted.

17.  Each team must supply their own basketballs for warm-ups.

18.  Teams must be accompanied by and adult coach at all times.

19.  Games will be played at various gymnasiums throughout Teton County, Wyoming.


20.  The shoes worn into any facility cannot be worn on the gymnasium floors.  Shoes must be clean and non-marking.

21.  Awards will be given to the Champions and Runners Up in each division (Max 10/team).

22.  The tournament Director(s) will render any necessary decisions regarding situations that may develop, which are either not addressed, or only partially addressed in the tournament rules.

23.  4th/5th grade participants will be allowed one step forward on all free throws.

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